Justine's Travel Diary
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Justine Chen Communications Coordinator Pernod Ricard China
Ivi Stéphant Barman – Noroît & Marin Île de Groix, France

"Groix is where good people gather for good times"

Justine's Travel Diary

Conviviality is: 

“Inspiring, sharing and exploring special moments with joyful souls.” 

And conviviality at work: 

“With my colleagues we’re creating a wine universe and the best is yet to come!” 

Your top conviviality spots:

“The fish market for its passion to provide the best local seafood, all the way to China! Plus the wonderful food and company at the Auberge du Pêcheur.” 

An unforgettable moment: 

“Hearing the stories of Ivi Stéphant. He grew up on Groix and everyone knows him. He’s a star on this beautiful island.” 

Something inspiring from your trip: 

“Life is a generous gift and we should honour those who light it up. Groix is where good people gather for good times.”


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