Alexander's Travel Diary
Map Cuba
Alexander DiBiase Production Supervisor Corby, United Kindgom
Roberto Ramos Tattoo artist – La Marca Havana, Cuba

"Havana has such a vibrant and convivial vibe"

Alexander's Travel Diary

Conviviality is: 

“Creating a friendly, inclusive and welcoming atmosphere, especially when you’re from a small town!”    

And conviviality at work: 

“Getting to know the people I work with makes work all the more enjoyable and fun.” 

Your top conviviality spots: 

“That’s hard — Havana has such a vibrant and convivial vibe! The public squares and ocean-side sidewalks are always full of people talking, playing music, sharing a drink.” 

An unforgettable moment: 

“Walking with Roberto — he knows and has time for everyone. His passion and energy is infectious: a definite example of how one person can create big change.” 

Something inspiring from your trip: 

“Culture and community stand out in Havana. There’s still an appetite to gather in public places, to get to know strangers and make new friends, to spend hours sharing stories and music.”


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