Jorge's Travel Diary
Map Iceland
Jorge Garcia Commercial Operation Manager Pernod Ricard Mexico
Haukur S. Magnusson Restaurant owner Ísafjörður, Iceland

"Icelanders' outlook on life is enjoying the company of others"

Jorge's Travel Diary

Conviviality is: 

“Friendship. Sharing experiences, dreams and concerns is how we grow as people and communities.” 

And conviviality at work: 

“Celebrating achievements with colleagues, finding solutions together, supporting each other’s goals.” 

Your top conviviality spots:

“Relaxing at the Dynjandi waterfall, discovering Icelandic customs at Haukur´s restaurant and the eclectic music festival.” 

An unforgettable moment: 

“Time passed too quickly joking around with Haukur out on the boat!” 

Something inspiring from your trip: 

“Icelanders are very open and friendly. Their outlook on life is enjoying the company of others. That sums up the music festival: everyone having fun together.”


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