Olusola's Travel Diary
Map China
Olusola Banjoko Trade Marketing Executive Pernod Ricard Nigeria
Zhashi Duma Restaurant owner – EndFragment Mosuo community Lugu Lake, China

"Luoshui's karaoke is perfect for a night of joyful singing"

Olusola's Travel Diary

Conviviality is: 

“I’m torn between team bonding and happiness.” 

And conviviality at work: 

“Being friendly, listening and contributing. I know how to make a boring day fun by just being me!”

Your top conviviality spots:

“I will always cherish Madam Zhashi Duma’s restaurant in the village of Luoshui where we shared experiences. Plus the local karaoke lounge – perfect for a night of joyful singing and dancing.” 

An unforgettable moment: 

“Singing with Madam Duma on the canoe ride to the island temple on Lugu Lake. People there are so free and caring.” 

Something inspiring from your trip: 

“Mosuo culture is amazing: they are a friendly, welcoming people who work together as a community, sharing their income at the end of every month.”


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