Our consumer-focused strategy

At Pernod Ricard, conviviality is more than our profession, it’s our driving purpose. We strive to bring people together. As “Créateurs de Convivialité,” the Group’s vision is to ensure that each of our Brands are at the heart of every shared moment, transforming these social occasions into true experiences of conviviality – simple, genuine, direct and authentic moments of sharing. In realising this vision we will achieve the ambition of our founders Paul Ricard and Jean Hémard to become the world leader in the Wine & Spirits industry.

Our consumer-focused strategy

Today’s consumers are no longer loyal to a single brand. They are increasingly demanding and more connected than ever. They choose from a range of brands, based on the moment of consumption (meal, aperitif, celebration), including when, where (restaurant, home, night club), and with whom they are (family, friends, colleagues). To ensure that we understand and meet their needs, we have placed the consumer at the heart of our strategy; everything we do revolves around consumer satisfaction.

Our strategic model is based on four Essentials and four Accelerators, defining our priorities for the coming years. 

four Essentials

Our four Essentials are built on our historic fundamentals

  • Operational Excellence: streamline operational processes to produce, distribute and commercialise our products more effectively, thereby acting with more speed and agility; 
  • Talent Management: capitalise on our solid entrepreneurial culture to develop our employees, enhance their career paths and attract new talent; 
  • Sustainability & Responsibility (S&R): integrate S&R as an integral part of our brand strategy to drive long-term positive and sustainable growth, serving all our communities; 
  • Route-to-Market/Consumer: boost our brands across all distribution channels – from traditional channels to new emerging channels, such as e-commerce, to optimise delivery of our products. 

four Growth Accelerators: 

Our four Growth Accelerators leverage these Essentials to meet new consumer needs

  • Portfolio Management: position one of our brands in each moment of conviviality;
  • Premiumisation and Luxury: encourage consumers to move upmarket and consolidate our leadership in the luxury spirits segment; 
  • Innovation: develop new products and services and create new brand experiences; 
  • Digital Acceleration: integrate digital technology into all our projects.

four battlegrounds:

This strategy will allow us to win on the four battlegrounds we have identified to accelerate our growth

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