Our DNA, the Pernod Ricard mindset

A winning spirit of conquest

Our 18,900 employees are our greatest asset, and their exceptional commitment is an essential lever for our success. This commitment is a result of a collective spirit of conquest – what we call the Pernod Ricard Mindset. Shared and communicated across the Group, this Mindset fosters a culture that truly encourages our employees to always go “the Extra Mile.”

The Pernod Ricard Mindset is a powerful force that permeates every aspect of our activity, the most visible expression of a culture whose mission is to promote conviviality around the globe. Nurtured and spread throughout the Pernod Ricard community, it draws largely on the company’s founding principle of decentralisation. This policy ensures that we are able to respond to local market needs as they unfold. The premise is simple: in respecting the operational autonomy of our affiliates, we not only encourage but empower our employees to take the initiative for finding new ways to engage with our markets. With a true understanding of the local cultural and economic reality, they are in a key position to be the first to spot new trends or seize new opportunities, all while improving our customer proximity. This Mindset has become vital to the implementation of our strategy and the efficient operation of our organisation. It is the by-product of our three cardinal values

  • an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • mutual trust and
  • a strong sense of ethics. 

Together, these form the foundation of our cultural model.

The Pernod Ricard Mindset allows us to leverage the power of a large group and the agility of a start-up. A successful decentralised business model requires that an entrepreneurial spirit be ingrained throughout an organisation. What would be the point of independent affiliates if they were given no entrepreneurial freedom?

Likewise, initiatives can only succeed when mutual trust exists between affiliates and their employees. This trust lays the foundation for an open and direct dialogue, one in which our employees are given free rein to develop initiatives that are based on their experiences and insights. Such an approach requires spontaneity, transparency, openness to others and respect for differences – all essential elements to our strong sense of ethics. Since the Group’s inception, we have promoted the universal humanistic values of personal and professional responsibility, transparency and respect for individuals and cultures. After all, the conquest of leadership, which remains the Group’s ambition, is contingent on exemplary behaviour. 

These values, combined with the Pernod Ricard spirit of conviviality, are what make Pernod Ricard so unique. We foster simple, direct relationships between people. We encourage sharing and collaboration. We strive to eliminate silos and to share expertise, foster discussions and streamline procedures. And in doing so we have a clear goal in mind, to focus on our raison d’être – our consumers.

Source: Results of the I Say survey, June 2017, Willis Towers Watson.
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